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Gillette Heated Razor review (early verdict): mmm, yes, that does feel nice

Propelled to some degree by means of Indiegogo, the Gillette Heated Razor is something truly new in the realm of men’s shaving. Gillette hasn’t included any new edges this time – five is the greatest number of as you can fit on a usable razor, it appears. Rather, it’s focusing on an extravagance shaving ‘background’ reminiscent of a hot towel shave at a barbe… and charging you as needs be – the Gillette Heated Razor will cost £200 when it goes at a bargain in a month’s time. I’ve been giving it a shot, and my response has gone from, ‘Without a doubt no one is going to pay that,’ to, ‘I would get one of these.’

That is simple for me to state, however; I got it to no end. Be that as it may, let me talk you through the marvel and the, maybe, enchantment of the Gillette Heated Razor. It may very well transform you. Or possibly 10 minutes or so every morning of your life.

The science part of the Gillette Heated Razor is truly astute. First up, it’s not simply the sharp edge that warms up, it’s a bar promptly underneath it.

You may accept that it’s a direct issue to make (some portion of) a razor heat up. In any case, doing as such and keeping a steady, consistent, safe warmth, that is achieved rapidly enough that you don’t get anxious and after that endures sufficiently long to shave? That is hard. What’s more, obviously, the razor should be waterproof, so as you don’t shock yourself in the face.

Gillette has pulled this off with some élan. I haven’t planned it on the grounds that my responses aren’t speedy enough yet the hot bar on the GHR comes up to temperature in close to a second – short enough that you don’t have to consider it. A shining, firey LED flickers at that point turns strong, telling you it’s prepared.

By then the bar is at a consistent 50º Centigrade. Flush it under a virus tap after a stroke over your face and it very quickly comes back to that temperature. On the off chance that you find that is excessively hot, a long press of the catch diminishes it to a steady 43ºC.

As UK dispatch participant Dr Kristina Vanoosthuyze, Gillette’s Senior Manager of Scientific Communications tells it, these settings have been come to after many, many extended periods of time of testing with Gillette’s gigantic board of razor analyzers. At their R&D labs in out of control Reading, Gillette really pays many men to come in and shave before two-way reflects each day, while individuals in white coats take notes and point infra-red cameras and so forth at them. What a dazzling method to begin the day; where do I join?

The battery-powered battery in the GHR is useful for around 6 days and after that energizes through an attractive cushion cum-stand (unfortunately it’s non-Qi so you can’t top up your Apple Watch while you shave).

The edges are a minor departure from the ProGlide Fusion5, Gillette’s most – aha ha – ‘front line’ cartridge. It turns here and there and side to side, to give an unbelievably agreeable, smooth, costly shave. No, you can’t utilize typical ProGlide cutting edges; they’ve must be adjusted to space over the warmed bar, and they will cost ‘a 20% premium’ over the standard sharp edges – I got that straight from Gillette’s British-conceived President of Global Grooming, Gary Coombe, at the jump start – they rolled out all the serious canons for this one.

This is the first historically speaking item from GilletteLabs, another dark operations division of the razor brand. Gary Coombe says a few different Labs items are being developed, however was not at freedom to disclose to us what. It may take some time also. “We had the thought for a warmed razor during the 1960s,” says Gary,”but it’s taken till now for the innovation to be accessible.”


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